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Crosscurrents by William Beck Soon to be Released

Thu, 02/05/2015 - 09:00 -- Hugh Daniel

William Beck's latest book, Crosscurrents, has just been completed and will soon be available as a trade paperback, hardback with dust jacket and Kindle edition. The cover design and interior typography were done by hpdDesign. The book is an action/adventure novel featuring a fast-paced story and non-stop action by Beck's signature character, Bryson McGann.

Crosscurrents by William Beck"A peaceful summer morning is shattered by an assassin’s bullet. A mysterious stranger flees in the aftermath, seconds before a bomb rips through the Empress Hotel near Victoria’s Inner Harbor. Deadly incidents force Bryson McGann to Jerusalem and only precious moments remain to untangle the complex web of clues as the world holds its breath in an unprecedented countdown to global jihad."

Crosscurrents is the fourth book in the Bryson McGann series that includes H.A.A.R.P.S FURY, RED 7, and Caribbean Agenda. The fifth book in the series, POLAR MELTDOWN, is well along the way to being completed, with editing and final production scheduled.

The author is planning a book signing and release party for April 4, so stayed tuned for more information.

Visit BooksByBeck.com for more information.

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