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Website Design and Digital Marketing

Book Design and Layout

Publishing Services Overview

Book typography and book cover design: HAARPS FuryYou are writing, have written, or intend to write a book or training manual. So how do you get it past your computer and into print? We can help you with the process. Our services include designing book covers, laying out the interior of the book, helping design your marketing plan, and print coordination. We can also build your author website, helping you to promote your books and connect with readers through a deeper dive into your writing topics and personal style.

Book Interior Layout and Typography

The way your book looks will directly impact the reader''s acceptance of the author as an authority on the subject, whether it be fiction, a training manual, biography, or other non-fiction. We view the interior layout as a creative challenge equal to the design of a book cover. The choice of typefaces for titles and body text, footers and headers plays an enormous role in the overall appearance of the book.

Book Cover Design

We''ve heard it said that "You can''t tell a book by it''s cover." Actually, we disagree with that--a cover should be a graphic preview of the book''s content and should let the reader know that something of value is inside the covers. The cover design is also a critically important marketing tool. A purchase decision is usually reached within seconds of the potential buyer picking up the book. We can help your book sell by appealing and professional cover design.


We can convert your books into several different eBook formats, including Kindle, Microsoft Reader and Adobe Digital Editions. We can also help you set up your amazon.com Kindle account and place your eBook with other internet outlets.

Author website for Youlonda RenaeWebsite Promoting Your Books

Having your own website as an author helps build your writing credibility, allows you to build interest in your book catalogue, provides links to social media, and gives readers an opportunity to buy your books directly online, while you keep a greater percentage of the sale than through other distribution channels. Having your own author website can also allow you to build a personal brand as the creative style reflects your book topics.

Book Marketing

Many self-published authors have gone through the process of writing, editing, layout, cover design, and then printing, only to realize that they now have a closet full of books with no way to market them. We can help you sell your books through one of our book marketing plans.

Printing Coordination

After the design of a book, brochure or other business graphic is complete, a major challenge then becomes finding the most appropriate printer that can meet your financial and quality goals. The manufacturing choices of paper weight, quality, binding, finishing and other print attributes all have an influence on price. The decisions can be daunting to those whose primary focus is solving creative or marketing problems. We can help with advice, soliciting printing quotations or even in coordinating the entire submittal and manufacturing process. Please contact us for more information about how we can help you move your project to completion.

Book Trailers

Creating video book trailersCreating a book trailer is an increasingly popular way to market books.  The number of free distribution channels for video continues to grow, including YouTube, Google video and Bing.  A range of production values are acceptable for this type of promo, but it can be effectively done on a low budget.