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New Financial Management Book by J. Scott McPherson

Thu, 11/20/2014 - 11:00 -- Hugh Daniel
hpdDesign has just completed the book design, website deployment and Kindle book conversion for Scott McPherson's new book, Leaving Laodicea, A Christian's Guide to Biblical Wealth Management. Filled with insights and expert advice, Scott shares with readers an examination and application of Scriptural principles for modern financial planning questions.
In addition to providing more information about the book, a link to purchase a copy and to the amazon.com Kindle edition (click here), the website hosts Scott's Biblical Wealth Management Blog, where his quarterly Stewardship Newsletter is posted.
The initial run was printed by A&R Printing in White Bluff, Tennessee as a perfect bound book of 214 pages. 
J. Scott McPherson, CFTA is a Financial Consultant with Raymond James Pinnacle Assest Management and resides in Nashville, Tennessee.
You can find out more about his book and Scott's blog by going to http://www.guidetobiblicalwealth.com.


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